Sunday, March 30, 2008

Today's plan...

I'm down with bad flu today,sneezing every now and then,son is in school for a cross country,while Mr.Hubs going out to meet his client.(Yes,he's back last night,with tonnes of complained how's difficult his life in Sh***hai,as a first timer in the country where very difficult to find people who can speak English,what's more all the singboard is in Chinese,and he knows nobody there,he really felt like in the hell,not to mention a pricky eater my hub,especially about the halalness and who prepared the meals,so he only survived at The St**b**ks,which he didn't fancy back home.haha...

While I'm alone now,I 'll better plan my schedule today,now is about 10.00 am,about 11am,I'm gonna to fetch my son from school then go to my mom's home to cook sambal petai that MR.Hubs craving for a while,after lunch ,back to my home to do some ironing and relax.

After Maghrib will off to Kelang for some one's BBQ Birthday party,Expected arrived at home around 11.And zzzzzzzzzzzzz...That's my plan for today,see how's it can be.Till then,chiow everyone!!Have a nice weekend and Take Care Ya!!

p/s:kalau cik abe takde,feel something missing,bila dah ada....hahahaha...(jawab sendiri)last night from airport he start talking until we reached home,and continue again when we went out again for dinner...huhuhu..laki aku..tak pernah jemu bagi nasihat pada anak dan isterinya yang selalu terleka ini...and last night my son lah teruk kena lecture,sebab tak hormat orang tua...I diam jer,.....
memang benar terkadang kita sering alpa....jadi sentiasalah kita menjadi insan yang sering berpesan-pesan pada kebaikan...AMIN...

Friday, March 28, 2008

Today's diary...

Dear diary,...(chewah...acah mak enon!!)

Today is like just the other day...nothing special and less busy in the office,I just surfing the net and kinda hoping to one blog to another...teehee..

I had my lunch at Nandos SUnway PYramid,after that I even peeked at a new shop there,felt something interesting there,forgot the shop name,too bad I don't have enough time to buy tomorrow I plan to pay a visit again.To kill my boredom,boredom ke???

I reached home about,and my son can't wait to tell me about what happened to him in school today's.He proudly told me that his class has been selected to be visited by 8 University Students from Japan.Being friendly as a mother(wink-wink)He even exchanged email add and hp no with that fellow students.

So tak pasai2 tadi dia sudah call sama itu Jepun,Lepas tu pas the phone to me,I speak Japanese and the girl speak Malay...hahaha..masing2 nak asah lidah...I promised them to bring them for dinner before they'll back to Japan this 8Th April.

And entah kenapa,dalam banyak2 hari...hari ni rasa paling syahdu ditinggal cik abe,hari2 semalam ok jer...erm...
Sekarang ni dah hampir jam 10.malam,sejak sampai umah tadi kami belum on the TV,my son terus ngadap komputer untuk YM that Japanese friend while myself busy sms..ahaks!!before we both solat Maghrib and baca Yasin berjemaah...

Oklah sampai sini dulu,nak tidur cepat...tak sabar nak tunggu besok..sebab malam besok Cik Abe nak balik...horey...rumah ni tak sunyi lagi dengan bebelan nasihat si dia...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Alamak!!syahdu la pulok!!!

I received this text message from Mr.Hubs last evening:-I copy exactly k?
Askm,dah mkn?Anak tgh buat apa?Suruh dia smbhyg dan blaja.Papa smp bilik jam 6.00.Kat sini waktu sama dgn KL.Cuma 6.45 dah gelap.Mis u bye.Jgn lupa cuci luka.

Wargh!!!Akkak nangis!!Errr..Did I'm telling you that Mr.Hubs is in Sh***hai now?Sedih woo takde sapa nak cuci luka jatuh motor...ahaks!!

Benarlah kata orang...bila berjauhan begini harga rindu menjadi semakin mahal....

Monday, March 24, 2008

Kisah aku dan gerai Kopok Lekor 007

Have you heard about "kopok lekor 007".If you are familiar with the Kuala Trengganu area,you must know how popular this kopok is.I knew about this "kopok" about 8 years ago.Reccomend by my uncle who then worked in KT.

This shop is a must stop for me,when I've been to KT.I know the staff there were a bit annoying,but dah kita yang nak sangat kopok tu....redha jerlah...teehee..

Dia punya staff punyalah sombong wa cakap lu...I think I want to left,but I try to be patient,kenangkan kopok ni org kirim,dah la masa beli kopok kering pon kita yang kena ambik dan layan diri nak beli kopok lekor pon kena beratur lama....pastu when my turn come,tetiba rupanya row yang I beratur tu untuk beli kopok lekor yang dah siap..grrr..

Lepas tu I try to plead politely to that girl,dik,tolong lah akak nak 2 bungkus jer..akak dah lama beratur ni...tapi dengan sombongnya adik tu just tunjuk isyarat tunggu,without a word,yang girl sebelah dia pulak sebok membungkus kopok untuk pakcik ni yang berjumpah 40 bungkus!!!
Then,dengan rasa malunya I merayu pulak dengan pakcik ni,I cakap,blh tak bagi saya 2 bungkus dulu,saya dah lama tunggu....tapi malangnya dia cakap"saya nak balik kl ni"sampainya hati.....budak pompuan tu bukan tak nampak I wait for so long kat situ...tetiba this man come,terus order sampai 40 bungkus..

I cuma beratur salah barisan jer...,mana I know that ada 2 row,I nampak org beratur I pon beratur jerlah,kalau tau tadi baik takyah beratur,(rugi betul,sebab masa dtg tadi row kopok basah takde org!!),lagipun ini,gerai kopok lekor jerlah wei...Buang masa beratur dekat sejam tau..

Hehehe..bila dah diperlakukan begitu...I just left the shop,pastu nangis sebab geram sangat..hahaha..Pastu we bought kopok lekor at the other shop,yang tak kurang sedapnya,cuma takde nama...

So pada sapa2 yang nak berenti beli kopok lekor 007 ni,pastikan anda berada di barisan yang betul,kalau ramai sangat org...just left,don't waste your time,kedai lain pon sama jer sedapnya,

Sorrylah entry ntah hapa2...tapi masa kejadian tu,rasa nak terus masukkan dalam blog ni..hahahah..or maybe I was unfaithfull that time,wrong timing,maybe....

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Jatuh Motor!!

Yes you read it right!!Aku jatuh motor BUKAN menang motor!!

Adoi...sakit badanku...calar balar everywhere,not to mention luka2 di siku dan lutut.....

How's it happen?
like this,Yesterday I want to go to my cousin's house for bacaan Yasin and tahlil,so I wear black abaya(jubah that normally Middle east ladies wear,ala yg terbelah and tak berjahit depan tu,main klip2 ajer...tapi kat dlm tu harus lah kena pakai baju lain kan?)

But before that,I went to my mother house who stay only 5 minutes walking from my home to pick up pulut kuning to be brought to my cousin's house, As usual we always ride on motorbike to my mom's home,because there are always no parking space over there...,suddenly about 100 metre to reach my mom's home,I felt something pushing me,then I Realised that my jubah was already in the rim...and I felt down before the motorbike also felt on me...Ouch!!so painful.

At that time the pakciks around the house start coming and give a hand,while myself on the other hand only left with pants and singlet,after all my Abaya being pull by the motorbike.The Abaya itself dah jadi arwah..memang total loss..koyak rabak...and myself malu dan sakit pun satu hal...

KIta dahlah sakit..Mr.Hubs pulak dok membebel pasal,I tak hati2...grrr!!(tapi malam tu dia gak yang dok rawat and bagi obat!ahaks!!)

Morale of the story..tak yah kelam kabut sangat...berhati2 dijalanraya and malang tak berbau dek non oi....

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Worried....(about my son)

I know I'm a kind of person who easily get worried and stress.I hate it.

I am depress lately,when my son bring home his tests paper,his mark was way too low,which was not more than 70 %,(he got full marked for agama and jawi though!)...I am really sad.

I scolded her one time,and regret for the second time.I don't know what to do.I always comparing him with myself at his aged,which was very determined,excellent,active,popular,teacher's favourite and all.I know I shouldn't do this....when I think twice.

I try to find a solution and find a reason why all these happen.From my observation I see him as a late bloomers which only need a little bit polishing to brighten his star.Nak kata teruk sangat.These was his achievement so far:-
1)When he was in Kindergarten-He was a bit blurr in first few months,but after he got it,he will be ok,and his final exam was excellent with full marks in all subject.
2)It same goes when he went to Chinese Kindergarten ,where he got No.3 in the class bet all his Chinese friends.
3)He always be in the 1st class since std 1 till now,even get no.3 in class one time,when I did really push him to study at one time,but I pity him,then I took a step back,as a result,all the marks went down as well.

or is it because of the only child syndrome?Am I pampering him too much?He had PS2,game boy,all the gadget that he just named it,then within a second,he will get it!!
Even nak mandi pon nak kena suruh!!!

or is it because he travels a lot?(and distract his concentration)

He seems didn't put full concentration on studies.
Didn't show much interest in studies nor other thing.

Ooh I am so worry,He takes thing easily,nothing bother him in live.

Or perhaps that lack of Doa from me?(Mind you both me and my hubby always doa on his head before/during his sleeping and before he goes to school)

Or Maybe ,ini dugaan tuhan padaku yang ber anak satu ini?entahlah...tengok anak orang tu senang jer tak payah suruh belajar...But on the other hand I thank Allah,that my son Alhamdulillah tak tinggal solat dan tak banyak ragam sedari kecik...Mungkin betullah,Allah tak bagi semua yang kita pinta,sebab Allah nak menguji kesabaran kita.....

Orr Maybe I put too much hope on him?...Gosh!!

I really need help,from you guys,how to solve this problem?
My question are:-
1)Do I need to hire a tutor to teach him at home?
2)Do you think he not even matured yet?
3)How long does std 5 student,need to study everyday?

Thank You for your Understanding,
worried mom's

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Poster War in Kelantan

Can you read it?Berani mati nih...hehehe
Macam-macam kan?

Wow!!hangat nih..hehehe

Dialog KJ and Pak Lah..very funny

Dah lama sangat....cuba ubah sekali....

Yes,finally I can witnessed myself,how's actually election scenario in Kelantan.I see people in Kelantan is speak out loud about their principles.Which is very good and you will never see this back home(klang valley I mean).

The posters and the banners was really interesting.I was overwhelming with this view.Can't help to snap as many photos I can..too bad some more interesting banner I didn't managed to captured as not enough time and worry behind car will honk If I stop too long in certain area.
I will never forget this experience,and will definitely will come back.InsyaAllah.
Anyway KUdos to Kelantan!!

Ah...finally its over...

The kids went insane here..hehehe
infront of The Gurney Resort

Welcome fruit
Dengan kembalinya kami dari Penang last nite,it means InsyaAllah there are No more Outstation for working purpose this next few months.I know some of you puzzled,Why I am always away.But one thing for sure its not because of Direct Selling,hahaha(takkan kita nak buat menda yg kita pun tak suka kan?ahaks!!)

Actually the reason I always go outstation because I just accompany Mr.Hubs to meet his client.He hates travel alone.So he will arranged all the appointment with his client during School Holidays,so that he can brings us along,Its kinda 2 in 1 holiday actually.hahaha...

He thinks this can strengthen our relationship,rather than he left us at I think he has a strong reason why I need to be with him.That's it.But I Only follow him when its school holiday,otherwise I will say sorry,although he insist I'm tag along,even though its oversea trip which may take longer days.Mau aku kena buang kerja ni kang...hahaha...

We've been to North Area yesterday.And for the first time we stayed at The Gurney Penang.The hotel suite was really nice...the glass wall was facing the sea...Its stunning!!The recreational area was superb,the BF was scrumptious and the list goes on..Oh...I highly recommend you to stay here,and InsyaAllah,if Rezeki permit, after this there will no more hotel hunting in Penang,like before,Now,we finally meet our need.Syukur....

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Yes that's is me lately....
I just arrived from my east cost journey to be named KB and KT last Tuesday nites at 11 pm.after 4 days away from home.Rasa nak rabak ponggong dok dalam keta lama2...ahaks!!.Yesterday I back to office only to found loads of work"shit" waiting....while Mr.Hubs left to JB at 5 am in the morning(must be double tired then!)

After returning from works,been to my mom's home to send out all the souvenirs for them,while waiting Mr.Hubs return from JB and fetch us to ferry us to Bangsar to having a dinner with his family.All in all,everything settle about 11 pm.

Now I am in the office.But will go to Ipoh Perak this afternoon,will be back tonight.I hope tomorrow I have a time to exhale.Because about 4 am on Saturday I'll be away to Penang and Alor Star until Sunday night.

And next Monday.School start.And the busiest day continue...............Bila nak rehatnya kalau cenggini nyah oi....

Will update about my trip to EastCoast and the election later....

Friday, March 7, 2008

Happy Voting U all.....

Hi...diam tak diam besok kita dah nak mengundi ya?It will be much relief for my hubs as no more "berkampong" and "berembun"at bilik gerakan sampai tengah2 malam (,as a Chairman of.............)He hates to doing that actually,as he has loads of paperwork to do at home,what more to see some old people mentality towards this election...ops!!!zip!!And how much he's being paid for the sacrifice?zero...or maybe not yet I hope..heheh...

Myself on the other hand received RM30 for every night I attend to Bilik Gerakan...pretty fun right?I ever received once since the campaign started on 24th Feb.But the rest of the nights I didn't go,as I have to accompany my son to study as this weeks is his exam week,my hubs jokingly wants to pay me double,if I stay at home with the son...woohoo..I don't mind not going though,but being surrounded with many "org kuat" dalam party in my family.I couldn't stand their bebel like I'm not supporting them lah,please come untuk cukup kan korum balablabalab...
(and the bilik gerakan is only walking distance from my house actually..ahaks!!)

Last night I've been to bilik gerakan though,because we had a kinda last minutes explanation about our duty on the election day itself and kinda last minute campaign.(and my son exam was over!)Well I just listen,tapi best jugak sebab last night was full of my relatives...muahahaha..rasa macam kat family party lak,(yes they provide food u all...that another story off course)

The best part tentulah kemeriahan pilihanraya itu sendiri...My son is really exited to see all the flags and banner arround,very colouful and lively...hahaha...

OK,that's all for today,I hope I won't be judge for this entry,This is kinda fun story not "ceramah politik".

To all,selamat mengundi...Fikirlah yang terbaik buat kita dan generasi akan datang...

As for me,right after voting I'll off to east coast.I bet there are much fun and merrier,too bad I can't go early to witness a nite before election,I heard dia punya meriah,kalah malam nak raya...aiseyy..hehehe, as I have to vote at my area first,kang kalah lak party yang akkak nak pangkah kalau akak tak pi undi...hahaha..

If condition and time permit,I'll snap a photo over there?OK?

Till Then,take care,you all...till we meet again..Taaaaaaa

Thursday, March 6, 2008

langkawi Island Part 2

I am kinda free today,thus I post herewith my few snappo from my jorney back in January 26 this year(my b'day maa..)not that long rite?for the sake of memories..... Journey end,arrived KL airport,with doble triple shopping bag...Oh nooo...
Fish Feeding

At The Loaf -Our Ex PM's restaurant...thumbs up!!

A cool scenery at the Peak of Langkawi,where Cable Car is located-Mount Macincang-

At "Jalur Gemilang"Our sailor's Azhar Mansor boat near Habour View where 'The Loaf"rest located.

The whole family,at the Langkawi Airport the day we arrived,waiting for the car rental....

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

For you nani and aziah...

I understand that these my two crazy buddies will fly again to The Legend Island,while all Malaysians people busy for voting.

And nani and aziah,this video clip is specially dedicated to you,to proof to you guys that I'm okay at the Peak of Mat Chincang Mount...hahaha...big clap..(if can nak buat buggy jumping lagik macam kat New Zealand dulu)...huhuhu

So nani,for this trip,may I suggest you to try again the journey to the peak for self challenge...

What ever it is,Have a safe journey you all,enjoy yourself,be realistic while ordering your meals at the Nelayan Rest ok?

Till then..chiow....

Monday, March 3, 2008

I'm hunger...

Despite of all my friends (yes I'm pointing at you aziah) go for crush diet.I'm on the other hand love to eat.I have passion for foods.More than before.I feel enjoy a good food can rejuvenate me.I feel relief when I

I hates this appetite actually,As I'm getting fatter day by day,my double chin always appear when I smile,and I lost confident of myself...

Everyday I always have a plan where to dine in,what I'm going to have for lunch,dinner etc...especially during weekend.I'll willing to travel as far as I can just to satisfied my taste buds...yucks!!

p/s:to make thing worst,yesterday when an ice cream man past by my ,I quickly asked him to stop,and my son look at me unbelievable...Yes..I said,go ahead you can buy any ice cream you want,and get me a cup if vanilla ice cream....erm...heaven...daaaaaaaaaaappp...hahaha..buang tebiat apa??/

Saturday, March 1, 2008

An election....

Argggg....election...and the duty starts...

Alah malaihnya......the worst part is,tonight there will be a campaign talk in my house.I don't know who chooses my house,but what I have to prepare this evening is,invite all neighbours to my house to listen to the campaign,and off course I have to clean the house thoroughly what more to prepare light meals for the guest rite?

I am working today,and will only reach home about 6.30 pm...and I am maidless now.Can you imagine how I 'm gonna to cope with all this...

I'll capture some photo of the talk,and post it here later k?

p/s just received sms from Mr.Hubs,saying he just finish clean the house...hahahaha(he knows his wife best)

berkongsi rasa ....