Friday, October 28, 2011

after four months break...

My niece ,Yin has her own blog ,peewit.!! That's motivate me to update my long silence boring blog.But,where to start?whats is ON now,everything seems really new to me.

Well,well,well,My life now is only surrounded with my family especially my petite Shaheem,the bundle of joy in the family,and hope that I am not neglecting his big brother Shaheez.Can't imagine I have a baby now,and surprisingly enough,its not as bad as I might think,No complaint at all,and all I feel is only LOVE and I always feel blessed,Syukur ALLAH.

Shaheem is going to be 9 months next week,while Shaheez will be 14 next month,How time flies,and they always an apples of my eyes.Like Shaheez,to raise Shaheem I have no problem at all,they both were never getting into my nerve,no challenge at all,but hey..I started to worry about Shaheez well being,Is he need attention?All I can do now is Doa and more Doa...and the words Give Up shouldn't exist in my life.huh!May Allah give me a strenght to face all this,and My sons will be a better Muslim,InsyaALLAH.

Shaheem @ 8 months

berkongsi rasa ....